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In today’s competitive and fast paced environment children are expected tomaintain focus in their education and an equal balance in extracurricularactivities. Academic performance, lack of focus and inability to manage theirtime are concerns expressed by many parents.

“We arehere to provide this assistance to your child to perform to his/her truepotential and beyond,” says Kavita Desai, Center Director at The Tutoring Center in Hillsborough. Joining a 60-strong network of centers around thecountry, Center Director Kavita Desai and her husband Dhaval Desai are bringing The Tutoring Center’s research-proven, high performance teaching methods to enrich the lives of children in our community. Kavita Desai is a certified teacher with experiencein teaching children K-12 and a Masters Degree in Special Education from LehighUniversity, PA.

TheTutoring Center specializes in providing individualized, intensive, one-to-oneinstruction combined with the trademarked “Rotational Approach to Learning” torapidly improve academic skills and concentration for children fromkindergarten through 12th grade in a fun and caring environment. “Each childhas a different learning style and pace. Our distinctive approach to Tutoring ensures that every student receives an assortment of materials in everyprogram, allowing your child to learn in a manner that enhances his or hernatural learning style,” says Kavita.

At TheTutoring Center, we have a clear four-part mission for every child who studies with us:  First, your child will develop stronger academic skills in Reading,Math, and Writing, Second, your child will develop better concentration, focus, and attentionspan; Third, your child will gain more confidence and motivation; Fourth, yourchild will develop stronger Test-Taking abilities and Study Skills.

Typically,parents can start their children in a program by first completing a free standardized diagnostic test that assesses the child’s strengths and weaknessesin subject areas. An individualized program is then recommended based on the results of the test to suit the specific needs of the child. “In addition toproviding assistance with classwork we seek to correct specific skill gaps asquickly as we can, otherwise they’ll stay with the child as far as he or sheproceeds in education,” she added.“Our students are guaranteed to improve a minimum of one full grade level every 40sessions, or 40 hours of instruction, based on standardized testing results.”Programs are available to children from kindergarten through 12th grades intheareas of reading, writing and math. The Center also offers a “Little Geniuses inTraining” program to give kindergarteners a jump start on mastering letters, numbers,math, reading and writing. The “Academic Honors” program is well suited forchildren who want additional, advanced practice in reading, writing and math.

The Center is open year-round, allowing students to continue sessions into thesummer and school breaks. Center studies demonstrate that consistency inservices shows improvement in long-term academic performance when compared tostudents who withdrew on breaks.“Today’sculture is so fast paced it’s not surprising that children may have troubleconcentrating and staying focused. The Tutoring Center has a built in systemand tools to address this issue”. Building confidence isn’t always in the curriculum in a traditional setting, but at the new Tutoring Center inHillsborough, it’s a requirement. Building confidence is integrated with functioning to potential at school and outside ofschool. 

We can help and will make a difference in facilitating your child reachhis/her true academic potential in a fun, motivating and caring environment,” emphasized the center director.

The Center is located at 649 Route 206, Hillsborough, NJ 08844.
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