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Having good organizational skills can prove to be very helpful when you’re a student. For example, if you’re messy and disorganized with your notebooks, it’s likely that you won’t get as much from your study sessions as you could. This is why, if you want to improve on how you organize your notebooks, you should read and follow the advice mentioned in this post.

How to Keep an Organized Notebook

Notebooks and folders for each subject

First and foremost, you shouldn’t mix notes from different subjects in your notebooks. This is why you should have a notebook/folder duo for each of your school subjects. You can even color-coordinate it if you want. This way, you’ll know where all of your notes are.

Name on notebooks

As obvious as this tip may seem, you should write down your name and grade on each of your notebooks. Notes are your main study material and labeling your notebooks will prevent them from getting lost.

Date and page title

If you want to track down your notes easily during your study sessions, you should write the date and title on each page in your notebook. This way, you’ll find the topics you need to study much faster and more easily.

Avoid loose papers

Sometimes, the teacher hands out papers and your first instinct is to fold them up and put them in your notebook. Still, this will probably end in you losing those pieces of paper! Instead, use your folder for those cases. Likewise, avoid ripping out pages of your notebook.

Keep your notebook clean

Organization and cleanliness go hand in hand, which is why, if you want to have an organized notebook, you need to keep it clean as well. Keep in mind that a lot of doodles, mistakes and untidiness in your notebook can be distracting, so try your best to keep it clean.

Create an index

Lastly, you can take your organizational efforts to the next level by creating an index for your notebook. To do it, you just need to number each of the pages. Then, in the back, write down which lesson or topic is on what page.

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