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Summer Is the Perfect Time to Plan for College

It's never too early or too late to plan for college. Whether your child is in high school or in elementary school, speaking to them about higher education can ensure they stay on the right track towards college. If your child is getting quite close to actually applying, use the summer months to help them prepare for the next steps.

Make Time to Study

One of the many things universities look at when deciding what students to admit is test scores. They don't look at just any test scores, their focus is on college entrance exams like the SAT and ACT. Since most students have a pretty full schedule during the school year, they may have difficulties finding time to study for them. Encourage your child to study this summer so that they can reach their best possible score.

Narrow Down College Choices

Knowing what university to attend can get overwhelming since there are so many to choose from. Help your child narrow down their list of potential schools by asking them some simple questions. Start by asking about what majors they're interested in or what field they want to work in. Give your child the homework of researching what schools are recognized in these fields. You can also ask how close they want to be to home, whether they want to go to a big football school or a small liberal arts college, whether they are opposed to certain climates, and what values they want their school to reflect. All of this will help reduce the number of schools they're considering to a more manageable number.

Plan for Applications

Unfortunately, applying to a school isn't as easy as filling out a simple application form. While this is part of the process, there are many more steps involved. Sending in test scores, getting transcripts, writing personal statements, and getting letters of recommendation are common application requirements for many schools. Be sure to understand each school's application requirements and plan ahead so that everything gets done by their respective deadlines.

Tutoring in Hillsborough NJ

To help your child prepare for college entrance exams, enroll them in a tutoring program focused on SAT or ACT test prep. The Tutoring Center, Hillsborough NJ can help your child reach their best score yet. Give them a call at (908)829-4253 to learn more about their academic programs.


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