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Your child should have access to different learning tools, such as a dictionary, to help them improve in their academic skills. However, simply providing them these tools won’t suffice: you need to teach them to use them effectively. With this in mind, this post will go over a few tips you can follow to teach your child how to get the most out of a dictionary.

How to Use a Dictionary Effectively

  1. Before you even think about giving your child a dictionary, you should make sure that they have memorized the alphabet. If needed, sing them the ABC song so they can become more familiarized with the order the letters are in.
  2. The kind of dictionary you give them is extremely important as well. It’s probable that they won’t need a hardcover medical dictionary just yet, so provide them with a small, updated, pocket English dictionary in the meantime.
  3. Dictionaries are made up of a few different components (a word’s pronunciation, its part of speech, its synonyms and antonyms, etc.). Teach your child what each of these components mean and how they can use them to improve in different academic areas.
  4. To teach your child to look up a definition, tell them that they need to remember the alphabet and search for the first letter of the unknown word in the dictionary. Once in that section, they can use the guide words to figure out if the word they need is on that page.
  5. Finally, simply reading a word’s definition won’t help them, they need to understand it too. Encourage them to search for unknown words within the definition so they can have a clearer grasp on the first word’s meaning.

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