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Mathematics is an essential part of life. Understanding how math works positively affects your child's advancement in social, academic, and later on, career. Here at The Tutoring Center in Hillsborough, New Jersey, we know the importance of learning mathematics. It is one of the three basic ingredients to a well-rounded education. Here are some tips to help you guide your child into understanding and learning math.

Conceptual Problem Solving

Help your child understand basic mathematical concepts. This means applying math to everyday situations by investigating, exploring solutions, and considering many different answers to a problem. Otherwise, math becomes meaningless memorization. Have your child manipulate objects to figure out basic concepts. Stacking different colored Legos is a good exercise in addition and subtraction. How many Legos is in this stack? How many will there be if you take out just the red ones? Can you make a repeating pattern?

Communicating Mathematically

Explaining situations by using words, numbers, or mathematical symbols. The ability to demonstrate how to arrive at an answer is extremely important to understanding how math works. Ask your child to explain a math problem by drawing a picture or writing out the process of how he or she arrived at an answer to the problem.

Line up the Numbers

Out of the many errors that can occur in solving math problems, 25% of them are due to sloppy number writing. Improve your child's number writing skills by making sure she has lined up her decimal points. A big help will be to supply her with graph paper to keep the numbers in problems neatly aligned.

Using Your Head

One of the major ways to quickly and easily solve basic problems is by using mental math. Kids should use this method more often than using pencil and paper or a calculator. Although, using a calculator, when you have one handy, is ok, because it demands that your child puts in the correct information and that he knows if the answer is reasonable. Calculating in your head is important in many situations, making change while working with money for instance.

Tutoring in Hillsborough, New Jersey

Make mathematics part of your child's daily life. It will become more meaningful when she sees how important it is in so many real-life situations. The Tutoring Center can help your child with mathematical concepts such as geometry, algebra, measurement and statistics. Give us a call at (908) 829-4253 to schedule a free diagnostic assessment.


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