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How to Help Your Child Stay Focused

Use these strategies to help your child stay focused while completing assignments or studying.

Adjust Their Schedule

Some of us are morning people while others are night owls. In that same way, one student may feel more productive right after school while another may work better after having a nap and a snack. Avoid forcing your child to get their work done at an hour that just doesn't work for them. Instead, figure out what schedule works best for them and turn this into a productive after school routine. Once you've found a routine that works, you'll notice your child has an easier time staying concentrated on their work.

Remove Distractions

Distractions affect everyone, not just students. Whether they're visual, physical, or anything in between, getting rid of them will help your child stay focused. Figure out what is causing your child to lose their focus and remove it from their work environment. You can also use apps that keep track of how long your child is able to stay focused before they get distracted. This will help them recognize their distractors and encourage them to remove these things themselves.

Allow Movement While Working

Movement isn't always a bad thing nor does it mean your child isn't focused. Some students absorb information better if they're allowed to move while studying. If your child likes to doodle or color while listening to information, allow them to continue doing it as long as they aren't zoning out. The same can be said if they like to walk around while reading or if they like to move while reciting information. If this is what works for your child, encourage them to continue doing it.

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