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What Causes Procrastination and How to Overcome It

Procrastination is common among students of all ages. To help your child overcome procrastination, it's best first to figure out what is causing it. This post explains two common causes of it and how your child can work through them.

Fear of Failure

One of the main causes of procrastination is a fear of not doing well, whether it's on a test or an assignment. Some students may have had an experience where they studied or worked hard at completing an assignment only to receive a bad grade. This may cause them to be embarrassed or doubt in their abilities. This mentality can lead them to procrastinate in order for them to have an excuse for a bad grade. Other students may put off getting to work because they're afraid they won't produce perfection. This need for perfection can cause added stress and anxiety that will make completing an assignment difficult. Whatever the case, let your child know that the sooner they start their work, the longer they have to complete it. Doing their work or studying over a longer period of time will help them stay calm, produce better work, and receive a better grade.

An Overwhelming Assignment

When an assignment is quite large, it can be intimidating or overwhelming for many students. If your child has been assigned a multi-part report that they just can't seem to start on, help them break down the assignment. Figure out how many parts they need to complete and write these down in a list. Spread these out over a few days so that they have a clear to-do list focused on their project. These smaller tasks will be easier to manage and a lot less intimidating. As your child starts to complete these parts, the larger project will start to come together.

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