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How to Do Well on Standardized Tests

Unfortunately for most students, there is no escaping standardized tests. Most students will come across them a number of different times during their school days. They may be implemented by the state to test a school's growth, by teachers to evaluate how well they're learning, or they may be part of your child's dream university's entrance requirements. Since there's no escaping them, they may as well learn how to prepare for them.

Create a Study Schedule

First of all, your child will need to know what will be covered on the test in order to prepare for it. If they're not sure what will be on the test, have them ask their teacher for some guidance. This will help them avoid wasting time studying material that won't be included. Once they know what they need to study, they can break this down and create a study schedule leading up to the day of the exam. Spreading out their studying over a longer period of time will help them learn the material while helping them avoid the stress cramming can cause.

Learn Some Test Taking Strategies

Taking a standardized test can be confusing and stressful for many students. However, learning some test-taking strategies can make it easier. Teach your child to:
  • Read the directions before diving into the questions.
  • Read the entire questions and identify keywords in it that will make the answer more obvious.
  • Answer the easy questions first and then go back to the harder questions.
  • If there is no penalty for wrong answers, answer all of the questions even if you can't seem to figure it out.

Overcome Test Taking Anxiety

Even if a student has taken the time to prepare for their exam, this doesn't guarantee success. In fact, students who deal with test-taking anxiety will often not perform to their abilities because they get too nervous. Help your child learn relaxation techniques they can practice during their test. Breathing exercises and even stretches can help them calm their nerves and perform better.

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