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Help Your Child Manage Their Time Better

Use these simple tips to teach your child how to manage their time better and get organized.

Create a Routine

Making homework time and study time a part of your child's daily routine will make it less challenging to get them to complete assignments. Figure out what time of the day your child works best and turn that time into quiet hours in your home. Knowing what time they will be doing homework every day will also help your child make better use of their free time before or after homework time.

Remove Distractions

Distractions are common time wasters that can be avoided. If your child takes too long doing their homework because their attention span is often interrupted by electronics, loud noises, or the mess around their work area, find a way to remove these distractors. If they're less distracted, they'll be able to complete their assignments quicker, leaving more time for other activities and fun.

Use Organization Tools

Organization tools are great ways to teach children to manage their time wisely. Have your child get in the habit of writing daily to-do lists. These lists should include assignments, chores, and other responsibilities that need to be taken care of. Teach your child to prioritize and complete the most pressing tasks first. You can also get your child into the habit of using a calendar and a daily planner to help keeps their tasks sorted.

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