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Each day gives us only 24 hours to fulfill all our responsibilities and sometimes that doesn’t seem enough. Time is a scarce and precious resource and it’s important that we make good use of it. 

Time management is a powerful tool that will not only be useful in an academic context, but throughout your children’s lives. For this reason, at The Tutoring Center in Hillsborough, we would like to share a few ideas that can be useful to establish this great study habit.


Some tasks require more time and attention than others, so help your children establish their priorities. Also set time limits, that way they will be motivated to finish each task; remember to divide the hardest duties into workable chunks and include time for occasional breaks. 


It’s important that your children engage in the activities that they are meant to, however there are many things that can divert their attention. Block social media from their browsers, try to not disturb them and remove cell phones, TV and other distractions from their study space to help them focus. 


Although we just told you to remove and block all the distractions, there are some helpful apps that can be very useful for managing time. One of our favorites is ‘Rescue Time’. This app allows you to block websites that decrease productivity, lets you set goals for the day and sends you detailed reports about your activity. 

These simple ideas will help your children make the most of their time, which is the first step to successfully fulfill their academic duties. Don’t forget to read this guide to aid your child in creative pursuits

At The Tutoring Center, we know that sometimes a helping hand is needed to instill the study habits your children require. That’s why we developed programs to enrich these skills and to assist in other areas in which your children are struggling. Plus, we offer a free diagnostic assessment to look into the specific needs of each of our students. Think about us next time you are looking for tutoring in Hillsborough

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