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Test Taking Tips for All Students

If your child has an important test coming up, help them prepare for it with these simple test taking tips.

Think Positive

If your child is nervous about a test, encourage them to think positively and rely on their abilities. If they spent a lot of time studying, remind them that they are well prepared and ready to show what they know.

Manage Your Time

Time management is hugely important during exams that have time limits. Have your child keep an eye on the clock as they progress through their exam in order to ensure they have enough time to finish. A great way to make a good use of their time is by answering the easy questions first and then going back to the more difficult questions.

Write Legibly

Your child's writing can make the difference between a correct answer and an incorrect one. If their sixes resemble zeros or something similar, point it out to them so they can work on it. If their teacher can't read a response to a question, they may just mark it incorrect even if your child knew the answer. Finally, remind them to use punctuation correctly and include units in answers that require them.

Use the Process of Elimination

If your child is taking a multiple choice test, teach them to eliminate obviously incorrect answers. Most multiple choice questions include four answer options where two are obviously wrong, and two are possible responses. Once your child eliminates the ones that are obviously incorrect, they will have an easier time finding the correct choice.

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