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Get Your Child Ready with a Summer Reading List

It's important for your child to learn to never take a vacation from learning. Summer is no exception to the rule. Research shows many young readers experience a backslide in reading skills during summer break. Not to worry! The Tutoring Center of Hillsborough offers these tips to help prepare your child for the coming school year by creating a summer reading list.

Schools and libraries

Your child's school and local library may provide reading lists and summer reading assignments to ready your child for the semester. Check these local bulletins for your child's grade level.

The wonderful Web

Check out age-appropriate reading lists for your child online. Many librarians and school districts post fiction and nonfiction reading lists by the best authors for children and adolescents.

It's a contest!

Every year the International Reading Association (IRA) invites school children to vote for their favorite newly published book. The IRA site provides the children's list as well as teachers' favorite books lists.

Your young publisher

To make reading even more interactive for your child, have them publish their book reviews! Many websites offer young readers the chance to contribute and share their literary opinions online.

Never too much class!

To keep your child focused and get them ready to read this summer, enroll in reading skills programs such as ” Geniuses in Training” at The Tutoring Center of Hillsborough. Their one-to-one instruction will help advance your child's reading skills and turn summer brain drain into brain gain!

From hot wheels to horses, no matter what your child's interests, there are numerous literary options for them. Offering the best tutoring in the city, The Tutoring Center of Hillsborough is here to help your child become more confident and prepared for the challenges of the coming school year. Call The Tutoring Center of Hillsborough at 908-829-4253 to find out more about summer programs and set up a free diagnostic assessment for your child and create an individualized summer reading skills program.  


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