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As the school year begins, it does so with goals and possibilities! We at The Tutoring Center are ready to help you with any academic needs you might have this year. Unfortunately with all of the great starts, there also comes the possibility of an ongoing problem in our school system. If you are a student or a parent whose child has fallen victim to bullying you know that it is not easily monitored and controlled. Today we would like to help by providing some tips for to follow if you find yourself or a loved on in the situation of being bullied.  

First, know that 28% of students between 6th and 12th grade have been bullied, and 7 out of 10 students have admitted to feeling cyber bullied. In case there is any confusion, bullying is classified as repeated harm, physical or emotion, from one person or a group of people, to another. Some typical forms of bullying are as follows: 

- physical assault
- teasing
- making threats
- name calling
- cyber bullying
- spreading rumors

What To Do: 

- Remind yourself that you did nothing wrong, your behavior is not what needs to change
- Tell someone you trust about the situation and seek advice
- Keep a record of what the bully does and says
- Take action-bullying will not end if nothing is done 

What Not To Do: 

- Do not try to handle the situation alone, it is OK to ask for help
- Do not repay violence with violence
- Do not hide the problem from those you trust 
- Do not believe the lies you are told, often the bully has a problem that has nothing to do with you

As you may notice, bullying can lead to depression and lowered academic standards. It is important to put a stop to it as soon as possible. Once you have taken action against bullying you may find that you need some assistance to catch up. For tutoring in Hillsborough, contact The Tutoring Center, (908) 829-4253.


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