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Prepare Yourself to Reduce Stress

Feeling anxiety the day before a test is normal, but the best is to not let it overwhelm you; likewise, children shouldn't be so stressed out by the thought of the upcoming exam that it affects their performance or worse. The Tutoring Center in Hillsborough has a few pointers that can help your child relax and even do better in their test the following day.
  • Acknowledge their stress while reassuring them that they have what it takes to pass it. If they look more stressed by this, explain that feeling nervous about an exam is natural, but that because you have seen them work hard it gives you the certainty they will do alright.
  • If they complain, prompt them to talk about it. Saying what's on their mind out loud can help them deal better with the stress.
  • Go out to do activities that you know relax your children. They will still be thinking of the test, but with a clearer head.
  • If your children feel the need to cram for the test, discourage them gently from doing so, because cramming can often backfire.
  • Lastly, make them see it's not the end of the world if they don't do perfectly at the test. As long as they have put effort into their other activities at that particular subject and school in general, a test shouldn't undermine their grades significantly.

Tutoring In Hillsborough

If your children still feel anxious about tests, tutoring could help them do better and feel more at ease. For private tutoring in Hillsborough get in touch with us at The Tutoring Center by dialling (908) 829-4253.


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