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Thinking of extra ways you can help your child get ahead in his or her education can be a challenge. If your child is having difficulty in a particular subject matter, then you’ve likely thought of getting a tutor for some extra help. You’ve also likely considered ways in which you can assist your child in improving his or her test taking skills. But, you should take time to consider some nonconventional ways you can stimulate your child’s brain to work harder and smarter. Encouraging your child to learn a new language is actually a wonderful way to do just that. The Tutoring Center in Hillsborough would like to share with you today, just some of the benefits that learning a new language will have on your child. 

First of all, you can expect that your child will gain increased confidence while in the pursuit of new language acquisition. Not only will your child be getting ahead, but he or she, as the learning process continues, will be able to see how the new skill is marketable and helpful. 

Also, you should know that as your child continues to learn in the new languages, his or her level of grammatical and vocabulary knowledge will increase. Think about it. As your child is becoming familiar with increasingly difficult vocabulary in the new language, his or her vocabulary should improve in the first language. Likewise, as your child’s understanding of the grammar structure in the new language improves, you’ll see greater understanding of grammar in his or her native language as well. 

Even further reason to consider encouraging your child to learn a new language is that you will see your child reaching higher standardized test scores than his or her monolingual classmates. Students who have mastered multiple languages statistically do better on standardized tests. This is in large part to do with the increased knowledge of vocabulary and context clues. However, it also has to do with the way the brain learns a new language, which can actually make concepts in other subject areas, such as math, more easy to understand. 

Lastly, you know that your child will be opened up to many more career opportunities when he or she is older. There are several types of companies, including businesses and educational facilities, that look for employees who are monolingual. This doesn’t necessarily mean your child will need to move out of the country to pursue a job using his or her second language, but that opportunity is also available. 

Once you’ve begun to see the benefits of learning a new language for your child, you might still be concerned with certain subjects or concepts your child is taking longer to grasp. You can always consider hiring a member of the professional tutoring staff at The Tutoring Center. For tutoring in Hillsborough, be sure to contact us at (908) 829-425.


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