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How to Motivate a Reluctant Math Learner

Because math is quite tricky, many students aren't actually fond of it. Even so, it forms an important part of their curriculum and must be practiced. To encourage your reluctant math learner to continue working hard at mastering their math lessons, use these simple tips.

Give Them a Challenge

When something is too easy it also tends to be boring. To prevent your child's lessons from getting boring, be sure they present a challenge. Their work shouldn't be so challenging that it's frustrating, but it should push your child to new levels. To make math learning fun, present it as a fun challenge. For example, you can set up a scavenger hunt that requires that your child solves math problems in order to get the next clue.

Relate Their Lessons to Everyday Life

Relating your child's math work to their everyday life can make math seem more important and manageable. If your child has expressed an interest in a certain college major that requires higher level math, help them develop a plan to get there. You can have them talk to a professional that works in the field they've shown interest in so that their dreams don't seem so out of reach.

Include Technology in Their Lessons

Today's students love almost anything that involves technology. If you incorporate some technology into their math learning, you're sure to get a better response. Try downloading some math games and look for interactive math lessons online that your child will enjoy while also practicing their math skills.

Math Tutoring in Hillsborough NJ

If your child is showing signs of a struggle in their math class, tutoring in Hillsborough can help them get back on the right track. The Tutoring Center, Hillsborough NJ offers a number of great academic programs that can help students of all ages in a number of subjects. Contact them at (908)829-4253 to learn more about how their tutors can help your child succeed.


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