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Tips for Improved Handwriting

Handwriting skills are super important in your student's academic development. Not only does neat handwriting help your child develop their motor skills, but it can also help ensure there are no misunderstandings when it comes to homework and test answers. If your child's handwriting is a bit hard to read, use these tips to help them improve this skill.

Slow Down

Usually, when you try to do things too fast, the end result suffers a bit. The same is true for your child's handwriting. If your child is trying to finish their homework as fast as possible, it's very likely that their handwriting will be nearly unreadable. If you've noticed this is an issue, remind your child to slow down and pay attention to their writing. If their work is unreadable, have them redo it so that they understand that doing it correctly the first time will be the best way to save time.

Find the Perfect Grip

The way your child grips their pencil is super important. To start, if your child isn't using the hand that feels most dominant for the task, their writing won't be as neat as it could be. Once they've figured out which hand to use, take a look at how they grip their pencil. If their pencil is constantly slipping or falling out of their hand, they may need to make some adjustments.

Make Time to Practice

Neat handwriting doesn't happen right away. Students need to practice this skill and their motor skills in order to gain control over their results. Start your child off with some worksheets where they can trace over letters as a way to get used to forming letters. After that, have them practice on lined paper which will give them a guide for letters.

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