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Tips to Get Your Child Through Tough Homework Assignments

All students will struggle with challenging homework assignments and projects from time to time. As a parent, it's important that you're available to help them through the assignment without actually doing the work for them. Use these tips to help your child next time they're struggling.

Understand the Assignment Together

Before actually starting the assignment, be sure you and your child understand what it is you have to do. Read the directions and the questions or problems. Once you understand what is being asked, be sure your child does too. Ask your child to explain the assignment to you in their own words just to be sure things are clear. Next, read the lesson just to be sure you know how to do the work. It helps to look at the examples in your child's textbook and notes so that you understand each step. Once this clear to you and your child, start working on the actual assignment.

Take a Break from the Assignment

If you've been working on one problem for over ten minutes with no luck, step back and take a little break. Focusing on one problem for that long can get frustrating and can even cause you to get way more stuck. Encourage your child to clear their mind by taking a snack break or by participating in a short physical activity. This will help you both return to the problem with a clear mind.

Find Different Ways to Explain Things

If you understand how to do the work but your child doesn't, be sure to take your time explaining things. Avoid using the same words or examples over and over to explain things to your child. Instead, use words and examples that your child will understand much more easily. Remember to use techniques that apply to their learning style.

Tutoring in Hillsborough NJ

Homework help and study skills are just some of the things your child can benefit from by enrolling in tutoring in Hillsborough. To learn more about how your child can reach their academic potential, contact The Tutoring Center, Hillsborough NJ. Reach them at (908)829-4253 and be sure to ask about their academic programs.


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