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How to End the School Year Well

The end of the school year is right around the corner, but it isn't over quite yet. Use these tips to help your child end the school year on the best note.

Make Change Less Scary

The end of the school year can be scary for some students because it makes the changes associated with the upcoming school year very real. If your child is not fond of change, there are some things you can do to make the upcoming school year less scary. Start by introducing them to their future teacher or teachers. Simply getting to know them and noting that they are nice and welcoming can make your child feel more at ease. You can also check which students will be in their class so that they know what familiar faces they can expect to see in the fall.

Prepare for Final Exams

One of the least fun parts of the end of the school year is the exams students are put through. While these are necessary, they can cause students to become stressed and anxious. Help your child successfully take these on by developing a study plan together. Start by figuring out what exams your child has to study for and what final projects they're working on. Teach your child to prioritize so that they can finish everything on time without rushing.

Make Time for Fun

Although the end of the school year tends to be packed full of exams, final projects, presentations, and assessments, it's important that your child also has time to enjoy the last weeks of the year. Encourage them to participate in the activities their school is hosting to celebrate the end of the school year. Even if they still have to do more studying, participating in fun activities is a great idea. This will allow your child to take a break from the books and return refreshed and more motivated to study.

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