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How to Keep Your Child's Brain Active While on Vacation

If your family is heading out on vacation this summer break, you can still ensure that your child is able to put their academic knowledge to practice, no matter where you are. The Tutoring Center, Hillsborough NJ has some tips you can use while on vacation.

Prepare for Your Trip

If your family is planning a trip this summer, have your child research your destination. Whether your destination is national or international, they will practice their reading skills as they get to know the place you are heading to. You can also have your child prepare a fun presentation for the family in anticipation of the trip. This will encourage writing practice as well historical research into the area.

Take Charge of the Itinerary

Once you're on your trip, give your child the responsibility of taking charge of the itinerary for a day. This special responsibility will have them practice their time management skills as well as their time telling abilities. Give your child a map of the local area so they can also be aware of the distances between places in order to make estimates of how long it will take to get to your next destination. Practicing reading a map is a great way to develop geography skills and learn to estimate distances using the key.

Math Practice With Foreign Currencies

If you're going abroad for your vacation, have your child put their math skills to the test by using foreign currency. Your child will get division practice by figuring out the conversion rate before spending any money. You can also give your child a daily allowance in order to help them practice their budgeting skills.

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