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How Drawing can Turn Into a Great Learning Tool

If you notice your child's class notes include a lot of drawings, they might be a visual learner. Encourage your child to continue drawing and relate these drawings to the material they're learning. If you're unsure as to how this can help, The Tutoring Center in Hillsborough has some useful information to help you understand.

Visual Learners and Drawing

Students who learn better and retain information more easily through the use images are often called visual learners. Images, whether they're drawings, graphs or photos, will help these students visualize concepts and get a better understanding of them. If they include drawings along with their notes, they'll be able to express themselves better and grasp ideas more clearly. If you notice your child doodling while studying or listening, they may not be distracted, but rather using their doodles to concentrate. Encourage your child to use visual techniques to study and complete homework assignments.

How Drawing Helps in Different Subjects

Encourage your child to continue drawing, especially when taking notes for different subjects. These are some of the ways their drawings may help them:
  • Math: Using drawings while completing math problems will help your child visualize the information and understand it instead of simply memorizing it.
  • History: Drawings that accompany history notes will help your child remember details of the subject better. Ask them to draw historical figures and tell you about them. Your child can also draw important events, including important figure present at those events.
  • Science: Using drawings in science class is a great way to ensure your child understands the processes and ideas behind scientific terms and occurrences.

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