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 If you’re looking into tutoring for your child, you’re likely weighing many options. Trying to determine what your child needs to reach academic success and what tutoring options are best for you, can be difficult. However, The Tutoring Center in Hillsborough would like to help make your decision that much easier today by providing you a bit of information regarding our programs and diagnostic testing we offer to our young clients.

Our Academic Programs are geared specifically toward students who would like extra assistance in one or more of the following areas:
  • Reading
  • Mathematics
  • Writting
In each subject area, we’ve got two programs set in motion. One is our Geniuses in Training program, which focuses on helping those students who’ve fallen behind in one of the three listed subject areas. Whereas our Enrichment/Honors program is created for those students who find they need an extra challenge in one of these three major areas. We work on ways to enhance the learning experience of children in our enrichment programs.

Our Diagnostic Assessment

Before we suggest what program or programs your child could benefit from, your child will take part in a free diagnostic assessment. Once the assessment is completed, results will be compiled and put into a diagnostic report. Our staff will go over the report with you, then suggest what areas of our programs your child would most benefit from our one on one tutoring. Keep in mind that it would be entirely possible for your child to benefit from an Enrichment program in reading and our Geniuses in Training program in mathematics, for example.

Once you’ve determined that The Tutoring Center is right for your child, remember that not only will we help with academics, we can also help with issues such as improving test taking skills as well as focus and attention. For tutoring in Hillsborough be sure to contact us at 908-829-4253.


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