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Creative pursuits are great for helping increase the brain activity of your growing child. Although it may seem that some are more naturally geared toward creative efforts than others, creativity is actually a learned skill. It can be cultivated or stifled, depending on the attention it is given. At The Tutoring Center in Hillsborough we care about your whole child, and part of his or her development, is in the arts. It is with this in mind that we would love to share a few tips in helping to foster your child’s creativity!

When we grow up, we tend to put away the idea of doing things “just because.” While this is certainly not always true, due to higher demands in school, work, and homelife, it’s not hard to understand why we begin to think about the product-the outcome-of all that we do. However, when attempting to help your child reach his or her creative greatness, this is something that should definitely be avoided. We have to focus on the process when attempting to help our children. Make sure, by asking questions, that they’re paying attention to the process. Ask questions like, “why did you choose that color?” or “What’s been your favorite part about this project so far?” The reason behind this, again, is to ensure your child is focusing on how good it feels to work on something, and not just focusing on what the result will be when it’s finished. 

With the same ideas in mind, again as adults we understand the importance of rules and why they’re in place. Now, don’t worry, our suggestion here is not going to be to throw away the rules. At least not all of the time. While helping your child get creative, however, you should avoid those external constraints as much as possible. What we’re really suggesting is that you allow your child to decide what suits him or her best in the process. A great, simple, example of how you can avoid external constraints is in allowing your child to use whatever color or method desired. If there is a flower, avoid saying “paint the flower red, because flowers are red.” Likewise if your child is coloring a picture of a giraffe, avoid saying “paint the giraffe yellow, as they are yellow.” Allow your child to explore and realize that a blue and pink polka-dotted giraffe can mean more to your child than sticking with “the rules.” 

Finally, be sure that you help your child to reach his or her creative potential by exposing him or her to cultural and artistic diversity. Imagine it, you and your child exploring the city, attending cultural events and festivals, listening to music together, attending art galleries, museums, and watching plays together. Not only does this sort of activity aid your child to see the art forms, mediums, and ways of creative expression that are out there, it is also certainly a great bonding experience for the two of you. 

You may discover that your child enjoys these creative activities more than school work. Remember that school work should come first, but that artistic desires are a great motivator and reward for school work well done. 

Creative pursuits are also a great way to help your child relax and deal with any negative emotions they may be experiencing. You can find more ways to keep your child’s spirits lifted in our guide to decreasing stress and anxiety.

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