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The time has come for those of you with children in 12th grade to be sure your child is on track with college applications. There are typically two deadlines, one in mid-October and another in mid-January. If this is the case for a school your child would like to apply to, then know you should help him or her get busy to meet the January deadline. We know that the college application process can be rather confusing or daunting for some. The Tutoring Center in Hillsborough would like to help ease that tension by providing you with a college application checklist before you get started. 

Items You’ll Likely Need

- high school transcripts—they won’t be complete if you are still in your senior year, but colleges are used to this
- letters of recommendation from mentors and teachers
- SAT/ACT scores—if you’ve yet to take your SAT, find some information about it here
- college admissions essay
- further admissions test—based on the college or university 
- FAFSA form

Decision Time

Before you start your process, make sure you list the colleges you’d like to apply to. While making this list, remember a few things: 

- You can and should apply to colleges you are interested in, even if you do not meet the score requirements listed on their website
- Apply to colleges and universities that you may not be able to afford; remember that you might be eligible for scholarships or financial aid 

What Happens Now? 

Waiting for confirmation on admissions to a school can be very burdensome. Here are a few tips to help you stay calm: 

- Remember that you should receive confirmation by email or post within 10 days that your application was received. If for some reason you do not, it is perfectly OK to check with the university
- Some universities with less applicants will likely start getting back with students a few weeks after application deadlines
- However, colleges with high volumes of applicants could take between 3 and 5 months to notify prospective students
- As you wait, be sure to continue to focus on your academics. Though your last semester’s grades were not on the transcript the college received, they will likely be taken into consideration later
- Lastly, you could consider hiring a tutor. What a great way to help you with an academic area of struggle, or perhaps to give you an upper hand once you’re in that college math class that is worrying you. For tutoring in Hillsborough, be sure to contact us at The Tutoring Center, (908) 829-4253.


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