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Summer is coming to an end and it’s time to prepare your children for a new school year. There are many challenges and experiences awaiting for them and it’s important that they are ready from the first day. 

Unfortunately, this transition can be difficult for many students - stress and anxiety can make this event even more complicated. If you are wondering how you and your children can prepare for this transition, at The Tutoring Center in Hillsborough, we would be glad to share some useful tips with you. 

Wake Up!

Before the summer vacation, you had a structured schedule for each day. Now, you have to start all over and you should focus on your children’s bedtime. Start sending them to bed earlier and waking them earlier at least two weeks before school starts. That way, you will be adjusting their internal clocks gradually. 

Create a Schedule

Once you find out the school subjects of your children, it’s important that you establish a study routine. Sit together and plan how much time you will need for projects and homework. Remember to schedule breaks and divide big tasks into workable chunks. 

Study Space

A study schedule requires a designated place where your children can do their homework - a place where your children feel comfortable to study, that’s well-lit and where there are no distractions.  

Visit the School

Don’t miss the orientations sessions the school organizes a few weeks before school starts. There, you can meet the future teacher and establish an open communication. Plus, you can find what’s the best route to get there and avoid rush hour in the morning. 

These ideas can be helpful to reduce the anxiety of your children. Another thing you can do is enroll them in a tutoring program, where they will receive personalized instruction. Plus, it will also help to avoid summer learning loss

At The Tutoring Center, we are aware that each student needs to be approached in an unique way. For this reason, we offer a free diagnostic assessment to get to know the academic areas and skills that need to be improved. That way, you can be sure your children will have a solid foundation for the next school year. Think about us next time you are looking for tutoring in Hillsborough

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