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With the summer break here, it’s goodbye books, hello summertime fun! Unfortunately, this means that a lot of what your children learned this school year will be mysteriously erased from their brains. You can avoid this! The Tutoring Center, Hillsborough NJ has some app suggestions that your children can play while at home or even on the road these vacations. To compliment your children’s summer learning, you can also enroll them in tutoring classes in Hillsborough NJ.

NASA Be a Martian

This is a great app for children interested in outer space. Be a Martian is a free app that has interactive games, real footage, and an idea gallery. Children can ask questions, learn about the space program, and get the latest news on space topics.

Sushi Monster

Sushi Monster is developed by Scholastic. It reinforces math skills and teaches time management skills. The players get points for each correct answer and for the foresight they may show by prepping the sushi plate each round. Children need to plan ahead and strategically choose numbers from the sushi counter before they play. They must answer the correct equation to feed the sushi monster.

Grammar Jammers

Pearson’s Grammar Jammers is a great practice for grammar.  This app is designed for classroom use, so your children may already be familiarized with it. It includes songs and rhymes, quizzes, and rewards. It conveniently shows the correct answer so your child can know if they made a mistake. Grammar Jammers comes in Primary, Elementary, and Middle School Editions so every grade can join in.

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