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The bell rings announcing the end of the school year and your children couldn’t be more happy; it’s time to enjoy the summer activities and take a well-deserved break from school stress. 

Although summer is a great opportunity for your children to relax, it should also be a time to go over...
Can you believe that another school year has ended? Time does fly! Right now, your child may be playing video games and getting some rest from school. However, you should start preparing for the new school year soon enough.

Summer break will go just as quickly as it came, and another grade will...
The importance of the SAT can’t be overstated; the main purpose of this test is to measure reasoning and verbal abilities. This will ensure that prospective students have enough capacities and skills to study a college degree. No wonder why, this examination is a huge source of stress.

At The...
Summertime is finally here and that means your children will have a lot of free time. It’s a great opportunity for them to relax from their school demands, and it is also a great time for them to improve their reading skills.

Your children need to keep their brains stimulated and a great way to do...
In today’s competitive and fast paced environment children are expected tomaintain focus in their education and an equal balance in extracurricularactivities. Academic performance, lack of focus and inability to manage theirtime are concerns expressed by many parents.

“We arehere to provide this...


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