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Tips for Improved Handwriting

Handwriting skills are super important in your student's academic development. Not only does neat handwriting help your child develop their motor skills, but it can also help ensure there are no misunderstandings when it comes to homework and test answers. If your...

How Parents Can Help Students Prepare for Exams

As the midpoint of the school year approaches, chances are your child has some pretty important midterm exams coming up. If they're feeling stressed out by the idea of exams, use these tips to help them prepare.

Study Strategies

If your child has a...

Why Early Math Skills Matter

Teaching your child basic math skills before they even start school may sound like a bit much. However, these early math skills are crucial for a student's academic future. Laying down this solid early foundation can lead to later success in life, so don't wait for...

Identify a Struggling Reader

If your child has made it clear that they can't stand reading, they may actually be struggling with the subject. Below are some clear signs to look out for that indicate a child is struggling with reading.

Refusing to Read

Students who have a hard time with their...

Back to School Prep Tips

Since the first day of school is coming up quick, it's important that your child starts preparing for it now. Being prepared for a new school year can make all the difference. Help your child transition back to school with less stress with the help of these back to...

Encourage Reading This Summer

Reading is a fun activity that not many children are too fond of. Many times this is simply because they haven't had the chance to do some reading for fun. Encourage your child to read this summer by allowing them to associate reading with more positive things. Below...

Help Your Child Prepare for the End of the School Year

The end of the school year may feel like one giant celebration, but don't forget that there are still academic aspects to consider. To help your child complete the school year successfully, check out these tips.

Focus on the Finish Line


What Your Child Can Eat to Improve Their Attention Span

Many children have a hard time sitting still or paying attention in class. Luckily, there are a ton of things you can do to help your child improve their attention span. One of the many areas you can make adjustments to is their eating...

How to Do Well on Standardized Tests

Unfortunately for most students, there is no escaping standardized tests. Most students will come across them a number of different times during their school days. They may be implemented by the state to test a school's growth, by teachers to evaluate how...

How to Help Your Child Overcome Their Learning Distractions

Learning distractions come in all forms, and to help your child overcome them you will have to first identify them. Help your child avoid wasting time while studying by understanding what their main distractors are.

Internal Learning...


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