The Tutoring Center, Hillsborough NJ 

We have had a truly great experience with The Tutoring Center. My daughter looks forward to attending and always comes away more confident and prepared for her Honors Geometry quizzes and tests. We tried another local option initially and my daughter did not enjoy it or feel that her time was well spent as it focused more on strengthening basic skills rather than addressing current challenges. The program at The Tutoring Center has been excellent with proven results, both developing overall skills and going in depth to fill in any gaps in understanding. The management has been excellent in accommodating my requests for schedule changes and truly cares about the students. I feel that The Tutoring center has a genuine, sincere interest in my child's success. My daughter is always excited to share great news on how she did on her quizzes and tests with the staff. All staff are very pleasant and a pleasure to work with. It has been a great partnership and certainly a worthwhile investment.
(Google Reviews) - 5 stars!The Tutoring Center was excellent. Very attentive to the Parent's concerns, and the child's. Worked around the schedule of the student's very full days. Our child was always happy to go, and over the time there acquired some very good study and learning skills.- Eric and Karen "
(Google Reviews) - 5 Stars!

I have two daughters that attend tutoring sessions at the center. They rarely complain about having to go. The owner is very helpful and really works around the busy lives of her students. They are very accommodating. Both of my daughters are doing better in school. "
(Google Reviews) - 5 Stars!

I am very happy with the tutoring center. Every time I enter into the center, I see them receiving kids with great big smile and friendly talk. Now I can see my son's improvement in reading and is doing better in the school. They encourage kids to be independent and provide full support to be on their own. -Ramana "
(Google Reviews) - 5 Stars!

My son has been with The Tutoring Center for over a year. He really enjoys going there and we continued during the summer as well. He is very excited to earn the rewards that The tutoring center provides to motivate the kids and I can see the happiness of achievement in him when he earns the reward that he is waiting to earn. All the tutors and the management are very friendly and helpful. Overall, he showed progress since he started coming here and would definitely recommend this center to anyone who needs additional help academically. "
**** The student is diagnosed for learning disability and is currently excelling his grade.
(Google Reviews) - 5 Stars!

The staff at the Tutoring Center has helped my son immeasurably! His confidence in math has skyrocketed since he first started at the center. The encouragement and motivation that they give him has enabled him to be in the top of his class. He was very discouraged when he first came to the center, but now he feels very comfortable with his skills. His SAT scores went up considerably with their help. "
*** The student was enrolled in our SAT Prep Program
(Google Reviews) - 5 Stars!

I have 2 boys attending The Tutoring Center and they both enjoy being there. The staffs & tutors are very friendly and helpful. Since they started here I notice the level of confidence and focus they have in their studies and I believe it is working and they will still continue. "
(Google Reviews) - 5 Stars!

I love to go to the tutoring center because it is a fun place to learn to do math and writing. All the instructors are very nice and they help a lot. I have seen that Math and L.A have become much easier than before I went to the tutoring center. The tutoring center also gives rewards to motivate their students to learn and do their work much quicker. "
We have had a wonderful experience at The Tutor Center. My 8th grade daughter has been going to the Center and We have all noticed a huge improvement. She was going to a regular Tutor at our home and she always complained. She never complains when she attends the Tutoring Center. She really needed help on comprehension and her Language Arts teacher told us that she has really improved!! She ended up getting an A for the marking period! The manager is Excellent with the schedule! She is always willing to do make ups and always so accommodating especially for me, a mother of four with a crazy schedule. I just signed up my other children for the summer program so they do not fall behind! They give a great sibling discount! My daughter said that she loves the rotations! better than just doing the same thing the whole whole time she is there.They give the kids incentives. She came home with a box of pretzels M&Ms and a gift card to Smoothie King ( her favorite! ) We have nothing but great things to say about The Tutoring Center.

(Google Reviews) - 5 Stars!

My daughter had a wonderful experience at the Tutoring Center of Hillsborough. Not only are the tutors knowledgeable and patient but they also made the entire experience a happy & fun one. I was always shocked how easy it was to get her to go and how she walked away with a sense of accomplishment after each session. Not only has she strengthened her math skills but most importantly her confidence has also improved as well! "
(Google Reviews) - 5 Stars!

Before coming to the tutoring center, my son was having much trouble in school but after we started coming here, he gained much confidence and was more motivated to succeed. All the tutors are very kind and he enjoys the challenges they give him. Overall, he has improved greatly since we started coming here and would definitely recommend this new "rotational approach to learning". "
***The child is excelling in our Reading Program and attends Sunny Mead Elementary School
""Jan 5, 2012 (Google Reviews) - 5 stars!

The Tutoring Center has been a very positive experience for my teenage son. He was very reluctant in the beginning to attend but with the increased demands of Algebra II he knew that he needed help. After looking at several options he decided that he wanted to attend The Tutoring Center. From the owner to the tutors everyone has been very kind and accommodating, and my son always looks forward to going. You will find that the tutors are knowledgeable and are able to teach in a way that builds the necessary math skills and confidence to succeed. In the 2.5 months he has been going here his Algebra II grade has gone from an 80 to a 96."
"(Google Reviews) - 5 Stars!

My son always, always loves to go to The Tutoring Center. He loves the specialized attention he receives and we have seen him develop such comfort, confidence and personal satisfaction. That plus the educational enhancements and the rotating to and from "sections" has truly met his needs perfectly. We are so happy with our decision to join The Tutoring Center and we plan on continuing with them for as long as we need! "
***The child is excelling in our Math Program and attends Hillsborough Middle School
(Google Review) - 5 stars Our son Daniel has attended the Tutoring Center in Hillsborough NJ for the last 2 years,he has been enrolled in the math proficiency program. During this time we have seen tremendous improvement in Daniel's comprehension of math and his confidence. He has improved enough to catch up with his grade level and his scores on the standardized tests have shown progress. He really enjoys going to the center. The instructors are "cool" and they take the time to know him personally. Every time he comes in they ask about his weekend or school or something he is interested in. He loves the reward system in which he earns points for progress and can buy small items. he even convinced them to add planes and cars to the "store". Mrs. Desai has shown personal interest in Daniel and has been very flexible with our busy schedule. I have recommended the Tutoring Center to several friends and give them my highest recommendation. 
Guy Pedelini
"I like that I can ask the tutors when I have questions on my math for school. Last year math was hard for me. I feel that I know a lot more about math this year compared to last year. Because I now understand more about what my teacher is explaining, other kids in my class ask me to help them on their math."
Madelyn Poteet, 6th grade, Rockbrook Elementary School
"We would like to express our appreciation to you and THE TUTORING CENTER for the improvement that we see in our two children, Isaac and Dwight. I am still surprised whenever I hear Dwight read and spell. He is one of the best readers in class and Isaac is doing very well in his class as well, bringing home A’s on most of his exams. Their time at the Center is truly well spent."
Johnny Siyluy
"I like the tutors and getting ahead in math."
Ross, 12th grade, Flower Mound High School
"The Tutoring Center has helped my daughter tremendously! It has given her the confidence, and the ability to solve even the most difficult problems on her own. The environment makes the kids want to learn, and encourages them to succeed in all subject. "
Paula Swain
"What I like about going to The Tutoring Center is that everyone is so polite even when I’m not in my best of moods! I also like learning new things about math that I have a hard time understanding while still having fun."
Kendyll, 10th grade, iSchool
"I love The Tutoring Center because it has done wonders for my daughter. She has improved in math tremendously, and she's still improving in writing and reading comprehension. What I'm also happy about is the confidence she's gained, and independence. I would recommend The Tutoring Center to any child..."
Jeanette Martinez
“I love The Tutoring Center because it’s really fun and we get praised. My favorite part of going to The Tutoring Center is the teachers. They are really nice and fun."
Kristen, 8th grade, Downing Middle School
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